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LaBrie Dance - more than just a store!
Here at LaBrie’s we pride ourselves on helping dancers find the best gear for their needs. We see every dancer who walks through our door as an opportunity to inquire, share information, and deliver a quality of service unmatched by other shopping experiences.

When was the last time you had your foot measured by someone who could operate the Brannock Device? Do you recall a time when you brought your child to a shoe store and only had to sit down and relax, trusting that the salesperson helping you would provide a knowledgeable and economical product and fit? It happens here.

This high level of knowledge and service among our staff allows LaBrie Dance to offer unique services to the dancers we serve.

From the first pair of demi-pointe shoes to the routine bulk-order of the professional ballerina, our selection of pointe shoes is surely unmatched in the area.

More importantly, we pride ourselves on being expert pointe shoe fitters. Many dancers drive an hour or two, passing several of our competitors, to be fitted for their pointe shoes at LaBrie’s. To become a fitter, staff must be employed at LaBrie’s for 12 months. Over several weeks, they are carefully and slowly introduced to the process of fitting pointe shoes, which often takes between 20 and 90 minutes! Once they are fitting shoes on the floor, they still must have their shoe fittings inspected by a more experienced fitter for several months until they are ‘on their own’. You may find after a couple of visits that you prefer a particular fitter, and you are more than welcome to request her when you need new shoes. We cherish our personal relationships with our ballerinas, and are quite satisfied to see them comfortably gliding through space on their toes in the right pair of pointe shoes! Be sure to browse our list of tips — you might learn something new!

Remember, we’re dancers, too! Our staff can offer advice on all sorts of topics, from special ribbon-sewing tips to strengthening exercises for weak ankles. We know a lot of tricks because we’ve learned them in studios and on stages, just like you! Not to mention, we are using the products we sell on a daily basis, and can offer you honest advice and opinions on most of our products that you can’t get elsewhere.

If you’re a dancer, you are a performer. One of the most crucial elements of performance is the costume, and at LaBrie’s, you can find costume options to suit all your needs.

We are all excited about standing behind the curtain, waiting for the cue, and bounding onto the stage in front of an audience. Whether you are looking for a solo costume for your competition routine or fifty outfits for your group, you can find it here. We carry a wide selection of nude bodyliners, Swarovski crystals, and everything that goes between to make you look fabulous on stage! Let our professional and knowledgeable staff help you select styles, colors, and fabrics that suit your artistry and your budget. From tutus to vinyl pants, halter tops to praise dance, we’ve got it.

When placing an order, please keep in mind that most costuming companies require a 2-6 week period to fill your order.
If you operate a dance studio or dance company, you are most likely eligible to receive special pricing on bulk orders.

Offering basic products to your students is a great way to enforce your dress code and to offer a unique assistance to the families you serve. If you are interested in our volume purchasing program, please contact one of the store managers at (401) 232-2266 for more information.


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