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LaBrie Dance is an official distributor of only the finest names in Pointe shoes, including, Bloch, Capezio, Capulet, Chacott, Freed, Gamba, Gaynor Minden, Grishko, Russian Pointe, Sansha and Suffolk.

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Selecting the right Pointe shoes is crucial to the performance and training of any ballerina. We take Pointe shoes seriously here, and only staff members with demonstrable knowledge and experience are allowed to handle Pointe shoe fittings. There is always someone in the store available to help you make your decision, no matter how long it may take.

Pointe shoe prices range from $40 to $100, with most shoes falling between $50 and $70 per pair. Most often, ribbons and elastic must be purchased separately, as well as padding. We offer many methods of padding, including lambswool and gel products. We encourage our clientele to experiment with padding and find what works best for them and their shoe. Padding products range in price from $6 to $25.
If you are anticipating the purchase of your first pair of Pointe shoes, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Allow yourself plenty of time to be fitted properly. It could take up to 90 minutes to find the right combination of shoe and padding. We do not start Pointe shoe fittings less than one half hour before the store’s closing time. You will be asked to return on a different day.

• Be sure your toenails are trimmed and not extending past the fleshy part of your toes.

• If you wear tights, be sure they are a style that allows the fitter to see your foot and toes. Footed tights obstruct the view of the fitter and make certain padding techniques difficult to demonstrate.

• Avoid wearing tight, restrictive clothing, like denim miniskirts. You will be asked to stand in second position and execute a deep plie. Be prepared to show your lower leg, at least up to your knees.

• Try to have an open mind about different brand names or terminology that is new to you. Some experienced dancers may share their opinions with you about brands that they prefer or reject. Beware statements like “Capezio shoes are too hard”. Capezio makes many different shoes with varying levels of hardness, therefore refusing all shoes by Capezio because of one person’s opinion only limits your selection. Typically, the Pointe shoemakers are developing fully comprehensive lines of Pointe shoes that, they hope, will accommodate all types of feet. The more you try, the better. Remember that you have to develop your own preferences, and what works for your classmates may or may not work for you.

If you are returning to replace your old Pointe shoes:

• Please bring your old shoes and padding

• Think about what you liked and what you didn’t like with these shoes

• Think about what you want out of your next pair of Pointe shoes

The more information you give your fitter, the better your fit will be.


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